<aside> 📆 Release date: 08/16


<aside> 👾 Platform: Web



What’s new?

We’ve introduced support for clustering data by Workspace and asset type, enabling Organization Admins to swiftly identify and differentiate the teams (i.e. multiple Workspaces) and asset categories present in specific locations.

The benefits:

✅ Reduced cognitive load → easily recognize team compositions and asset distributions at a glance enhancing your situational awareness and rapid decision-making.

How to use clustering by Workspace:

  1. In the Grid Web settings, you can check/uncheck ‘Cluster by workspace’


<aside> ⬇️ The old clustering treatment (NOT based on Workspaces)



<aside> ⬇️ The new clustering treatment (based on Workspaces)



<aside> ⬇️ As you zoom into a cluster you will gain higher fidelity



<aside> ☎️ For any product support questions please reach out to [email protected]