<aside> 📆 Release date: 07/10


<aside> 👾 Platform: Grid Web



What’s new?

<aside> 💡 Notice that the “Zoom to fit all assets” button is now in the bottom right corner and we’ve introduced a more informative button for toggling map styles (Satellite/Topo)


The benefits:

✅ A centralized area for all map tools facilitates swift action, reducing cognitive load and simplifying map interactions.

How to use the new map tools:

<aside> 🚩 Currently only available on Grid Web and requires Workspace Admin permissions.


  1. The map tools in the top left allow you to easily access Shapes/Geofences, Waypoints, Distance, and KML/KMZ Map Layers.


  1. Shapes/Geofences tool selected


  1. Markers/Waypoints tool selected