<aside> 📆 Release date: 02/02


<aside> 👾 Platform: Web



What’s new?

The Workspace color feature allows Organization Admins to configure the color of Workspace data displayed on the Somewear map. The color-coded data reduces cognitive load and allows web app users to easily differentiate data and manage an operation with multiple Workspaces.



How to use Workspace color:

<aside> 📌 You must be an Organization Admin to configure Workspace colors


  1. Navigate to Account from the top navigation
  2. Select the Workspace you would like to configure
  3. Select Settings within the Workspace view
  4. Under the ‘Overview and privacy’ section, toggle your desired Workspace color
    1. The new color will be applied immediately to all historical and new map data

<aside> ☎️ For any product support questions please reach out to [email protected]